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Dragons Love Tacos Streaming
You know what dragons really love? Tacos of course! They love chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and teeny tiny tacos. While a boy and his dog are watching TV, they unexpectedly learn the ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ of what kinds of tacos to serve dragons. Unfortunately, when the boy throws his new dragon friends a spicy salsa taco party, red-hot trouble ensues! Discover the dietary delights and dilemmas of dragons in this fun-filled production, adapted from The New York Times Best Selling book. Dragons Love Tacos is a sizzling story full of fiery fun for your entire family!
Stage adaptation by Ernie Nolan, produced by special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences. Based on the book by Adam Rubin with illustrations by Daniel Salmieri, published by Penguin Group.

If you are a Season Passholder to The Magik Theatre, please email us at to utilize your passes for a streaming code to view the production.

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All streaming options include digital access for 48 hours. You will receive your link in an email confirmation at the end of the purchase process.
   $15 – Dragons Love Tacos Individual Streaming
Family of 2
   $25 – Dragons Love Tacos Family of 2 Streaming
Family of 4 or more
   $40 – Dragons Love Tacos Streaming for Family of 4 or more
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Dragons Love Tacos Party Packs!
dragons-merchParty packs can be picked up in person at The Magik Theatre starting on August 11. A follow up email will be sent with more information. The link for streaming Dragons Love Tacos will be sent in the confirmation email at the end of the purchase process.
Fiesta Pack
   $25 – Dragons Love Tacos Fiesta Pack
Fiesta pack includes digital access for 48 hours, Fiesta Medal, Squishy Taco, Taco Plush and Commemorative Cast Photo.
Plush Party Pack
   $50 – Dragons Love Tacos Plush Party Pack
Plush Party Pack includes digital access for 48 hours, large dragon plush, a Fiesta Medal, a squishy taco, a taco plush toy (his/hers) and a commemorative cast photo.
Kids Party Pack
   $100 – Dragons Love Tacos Kids Party Pack
Kids Party Pack includes digital access for 48 hours, Youth size Dragons Love Tacos t-shirt, Large Dragon Plush, Dragons Love Tacos Book, Fiesta Medal, Squishy Taco, 2 Taco Plush Toys (his/hers), Dragon Finger Puppet and Commemorative Cast Photo.
Taco Pack
   $250 – Dragons Love Tacos Family Taco Pack
Family Taco Party Pack includes digital access for 48 hours, two youth size Dragons Love Tacos t-shirts, two adult “I Love Tacos” t-shirts, Dragons Love Tacos gift sets (Volume 1 & 2), two large dragon plush toys, two Fiesta Medals, two squishy taco, two taco plush toys (his/hers), two dragon finger puppets, two dragon rubber duckies and two commemorative cast photos
All Proceeds will benefit The Magik Theatre