Zeitgeist Community Mask Force
Artist-made masks that cover our community.

Thank you for supporting the Zeitgeist Community Mask Force! Our program allows those who are financially able to purchase masks to do so, while providing mask donations to our community partners.
*Please note the cost includes sales tax, and shipping and handling.
Purchase a mask for yourself, and Zeitgeist will make a mask donation to our community.
   Get A Mask, Give A Mask $10 (Adult Size)
   Get A Mask, Give A Mask $10 (Limited Edition Child Size)
Donate a mask, and Zeitgeist will also donate a mask.
Please note: this option means that you are paying for two masks to be donated, and you will not receive one yourself.
   Give A Mask, Give A Mask $10
Donate to Zeitgeist.

A donation to Zeitgeistā€™s Mask Force Program allows us to provide more masks to the community and pay for material, staff, and packaging. Your donation to Zeitgeist will support a variety of programs to fuel our work of growing a healthy, connected, creative, thriving community. Thank you!
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100% of your donation is fully tax deductible.